Accessible website design

What is Accessible webdesign and why is it important?

Accessibility is a broad subject covering many different areas – far too many to discuss throughly on this page, although more information is available in our accessibility articles.

I will present you with an overview of the main areas, starting with the simplest:

Pages load quickly

Your webpages should be presented to your visitors as quickly as possible, after all, nobody likes to wait. To ensure this we use standards compliant XHTMLCSSand image optimisation techniques.

Simple navigation

Your visitors must be able to easily find the information they are looking for.


Once your visitor has found what they were searching for, they must be able to read it and/or print it easily – simple features like resizable text and printer friendly style sheets allow them to do this.

It also involves providing information using a simple page structure and headings that allow your visitors to ‘scan’ the page for information they are looking for.

Screen readers

These are software programs that can be used by blind or partially sighted visitors which allow the computer to ‘read’ your webpages’ content to them.

Other areas

There are many more important accessibility factors to consider which we will discuss in detail in our accessibility articles.